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13 Jun


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“Wings” Free Flight Bird Performance


“Wings” Free Flight Bird Performance

Bird Performance and Show

Be sure to view our appealing and exciting birds as they fly elegantly over the stage of our lovely water lily pond in the Water Lilies area.

Several species of birds will fly, including a true owl, a falcon, a Harris’s hawk, a blue-and-yellow macaw, a scarlet macaw, and a Moluccan cockatoo.

Be sure to see this superb show, the top recommendation among sights to see at the Kingdom!

Following each bird show, we will also conduct a contact session with owls. You’ll don a special glove and allow an owl to perch on your arm so that a commemorative photograph can be taken with the camera you have brought. (¥300)

* Birds shown may vary according to the scheduling of each bird performance and show.

平日 11:30〜,14:00〜
土日祝 11:30〜,14:00〜,16:00〜