All-Weather Facility - Kobe Animal Kingdom, A Park Where Flowers, Animals, and Humans Come in Contact and Coexist


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28 Sep


Restaurant & Shop

Environmental conservation enlightenment restaurant – WILD CATS KITCHEN is closed on 9th  April , 2023.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


【New】 Kingdom Restaurant “Flower Kitchen”


New restaurant [Kingdom Restaurant “Flower Kitchen”] is grand opening on 10th April 2023.

Among the plate dishes provided by Flower Kitchen,
In addition to providing meals such as rice bowl, pasta, curry rice, kids menu …
And other side menu.

■Opening hour
10:30 ~ Closed.
※Photographs may not reflect actual menu.

Udon Noodle Restaurant – The OWL


Noodle Restaurant  was opened on 23th April 20211. We sell  Yuba Udon Noodle Soup or Curry Udon here.
《Place》Contact Animals

■Opening hour
10:00 ~ Closed
( Last order is before 30 minutes closing of park)

* Photographs may not reflect actual menu.

Contact Animals (North Area)



At our AlpaCafé, in our indoor flower area Flower Shower, you can enjoy light meals and drinks.

In addition to light meals such as pasta or hot dogs, you can also enjoy frozen treats like soft serve and our popular animal-themed dishes, including our currently trendy Shoebill Coffee, our BintuDog, a long hot dog shaped like a binturong’s tail, and our WaoWao Roll, a cornet in black and white stripes. We also sell soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, tapioca drinks, and other beverages.

We hope you’ll have a delightful time beneath the flowers.
《Place》Flower Shower

■Opening hour
10:00 ~ Closed

* Photographs may not reflect actual menu.

Flower Shower

Shop – Love Bird

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On the south side of Flower Shower is the Kingdom’s outstanding shop, Love Bird, which carries an array of souvenirs.

You’ll find items on sale featuring your animal friends from the Kingdom, including shoebills and red pandas.

Be sure to look for a souvenir to commemorate your visit to the Kingdom!

■Opening hour
10:00 ~ Closed

* Photographs may not reflect actual shop selection.

Flower Shower